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The Story behind "Nick, Mike & Ziva the Zebra"

When my boys were about 3 and 6, we made up this bedtime story, and we would add to it most nights. It got more fun every time we told it.

Since I found myself with a bit of extra time during the Covid 19 quarantine, I was able to finish writing and illustrating it. Originally, I planned to just make books for my family, but everyone I have shown it to wanted copies. So, we are publishing it. 

Synopsis: Ziva is is an innovative, interactive book that kids can play along with, and they are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. It is about two brothers who go out on an adventure and meet a zebra that they name Ziva. They share their snacks with her and fun things start to happen!  The book includes a fun guessing game and  some coloring pages so kids can draw their version of Ziva's transformation.  

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Please note that all proceeds will be donated to Children's Hospitals and children's causes across the country. Starting with National Children's Hospital who saved Michael's life.

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"Damn it Earl, stop throwing HOOGA HOOGA BALLS at the children"

This book is a tiny bit autobiography but mostly just plain fun. It is a collection of stories about my family and what it was like to grow up with "Earl the Pearl" and Shirl my Girl". Throw in a Greek Yai Yai and the stories get crazier and crazier. 


I have completed most of the writing but I am have a long way to go on the illustrations.I am hoping to complete the book by the end of 2020 but it has been in the works for many years so don't hold your breath. 

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